WP Theme: IAMWW w2 - Discontinued Support and Bug Fix Download

I have decided to no longer support the IAMWW w2 WordPress theme.

Although I am discounting support of the original w2, I have made an updated comments.php file available for download on the theme’s page. The updated file fixes issues with broken layouts on sites that require registration for commenting. This file is meant to overwrite the existing comments.php file in the IAMWW w2 theme folder.

If you like the w2 theme, please check out the IAMWW w2 DnD WordPress theme instead. I should not have forked IAMWW w2 DnD from the original theme in the first place. Almost all of the same styling is used in the two themes. However, where w2 DND differs is the installation of the theme. Specific plugins and editing the PHP are no longer required. Making the theme easier to install and support.

Please understand this decision was made to help allow me the time to better support the themes I make available and to update those themes as needed (e.g., to support the tagging feature available in WordPress 2.3).

If you have any addition questions, comments or concerns please leave a comment explaining.