Knitty Couture - Website Launch and Grand Opening

I have been busy working on a custom WordPress theme for Knitty Couture for the last few weeks. The graphics and layout design was done by Todd Owyoung’s coworkers at Kiku Obata & Company. I did all of the coding of the design and WordPress integration.

The second phase of the site design officially launched November 3rd with the grand opening of their new shop. So, I am a little late with this post but better late than never, right.

Knitty Couture home page:

Knitty Couture's "Knit Journal" blog:

The design required a lot of custom page templates and background images to meet the clients and designers requirements. I believe the project went well given the short design and development cycle. The use of Sandbox and some of the typographic baselines of Blueprint helped get the design off the ground quickly.

What do you think about the site design?