Tumblr, Inc. Introduces Tumblr 3.0

Tumblr, Inc. (formerly Davidville) introduced Tumblr 3.0 today. The 3.0 offering boasts “Over 400 new features, fixes, and improvements”.

Some highlights include:

  • Video updates (Integration with Vimeo)
  • Option to use Markdown
  • An archives page

The new updates also take consideration of the iPhone into account. I am just dying to get one!

You can already post text and photos from any mobile phone, but the new Tumblr interface has considered the iPhone in every aspect. Not only is the new interface a pleasure to use, but there is something absolutely magical about using the real Tumblr on an iPhone.

The new site design looks nice. However, I sort of preferred the simpler “1 page of settings” approach. While not included in the updates, there are teasers of tagging, search and comment support.

So if the WordPress Tumble-Hybrid is not your cup of tea, Tumblr may be.