Wordpress Theme: IAMWW w2 DnD v0.75 “Validation” Released

Not sure if it was the spirit of the holidays, something I ate or procrastination of working on other projects but I spent several hours last night and this morning updating the IAMWW w2 DnD WordPress theme to version 0.75. This release version, codenamed Validation, now completely validates on XHTML and CSS.

Aside from code validation, several changes to the theme were made. I believe every theme file was updated, modified and improved in some way.

Modified Header

The header of the theme has been completely rearranged. The site description has moved over to the left below the site name. The global search has been moved from the top of the sidebar to the header.

Comment Styling

The styling of the comments and comment form have now been cleaned up with uniform padding and a border around individual comments.

Cleaner CSS

The CSS has been cleaned up and segmented with comments to make tweaking the theme a little easier (and I just couldn’t stand the way it was). Update: Per Small Potato’s suggestion, all inline CSS and use of the breaks (<br />) has been removed from the theme.

Future Releases

I would like to release at least one more version of the theme to include the tagging made available in WordPress 2.3. I did not add tags to this version so that it would be compatible with WordPress versions before 2.3.

With all major updates to WordPress bugs may come about. Please let me know if you find any issues or have any suggestions to continue improving the theme. Thanks to all the those who already gave suggestions for improvements to w2 DnD.

The w2 DnD WordPress theme is available for download on the theme’s page.