IAMWW Winter 2008 Realignment

Those that have visited the site lately may have seen a large banner across the site recently letting you know that big changes were coming. Guess what. They’re finally here.

The new IAMWW

If you are reading this in your feed reader, come on over and check out the new site.

I have been working off and on trying to redesign the site. However, I ended up with far more designs that I hated than ones I liked. The good news is, some of those mock-ups will eventually be made available as public WordPress themes.

IAMWW 2008 Realignment

The changes to the site

  • Complete redesign
  • I am now using Textpattern as a CMS
  • Support for my WordPress themes have been moved from the comments on those pages to the IAMWW Forums

Things left to clean up and improve on

  • RSS Feeds for comments- Doesn't seem to work with current url structure
  • Iron out all layout inconsistencies
  • Clean up the CSS a little
  • Improve the site speed with caching
  • Convert the comment form from tables (maybe)
  • Work out the kinks in getting the permalinks to match those I used with WordPress

This list looks pretty long, but I knew if I didn’t flip the switch today who knows when it would have went live. (These changes were originally planned to take place over the past holidays.)

I plan on improving the site more gradually than I have in the past as I dive deeper into TXP. I will also post more later on my reasons for switching and comparisons of experiences with TXP and WP.

So, what do you guys think?