IAMWW Forums - WordPress Theme Support and Discussion

In the past, I have only made brief mentions of creating a support forum. So, I wanted to officially announce the new IAMWW Forums.

IAMWW Forums

My recent move to TXP created a need for an alternative way to offer theme support rather than in the sites comments. I think the forums will fulfill this need for now. General discussions on improving the themes, WordPress and web design and development are also welcome.

The forums should serve as a more appropriate support tool. They will be there regardless of what happens with comments, CMS or any other changes to this site. The forum also has search and tagging functionality that the comments didn’t.

In addition, I have enabled a few features to hopefully make the user experience better:

  1. The Support Forum Module allows the users and administrators to assign a status to a support request.
  2. Users can enable email notification on replies to topics that have been added to the favorites.
  3. Gravatars are also supported with your registered email address.

I have started some topics on frequently asked questions and some open discussions on possible theme enhancements. Please let me know if you guys have any suggestions in the comments below or in the forums.